At T-Mac’s, we offer a variety of packages to accommodate everyone. Contact us today for an appointment and get your ride looking MACnificent!

With this plan T-Mac’s will work with you on a recurring basis to keep your ride MACnificent!

(Designed as a maintenance regiment after waxing), this includes properly washing the entire exterior of the car, tires, wheels, and etc. The car will then be hand dried to a spot-free shine. The interior and trunk will be vacuumed to remove loose dirt and debris. All vinyl and/or leather will be wiped down. All glass will be cleaned and the tires will be dressed.

With this package you’ll get everything that is included with ‘The Essentials’ as well as a bug and tar remover where needed. The exterior will be waxed providing a nice layer of protection to the current finish.

Step up to this package and you’ll get everything with ‘The Essentials’ plus more. The wheels and wheel wells will be pressure washed for an even more thorough clean, door jambs will be cleaned to remove dirt, carpets, mats & seats thoroughly vacuumed and shampooed (if cloth) or cleaned and a leather protectant applied (if leather). All vinyl and leather will be conditioned to help restore them. The exterior will be waxed to a ‘mirror’ like finish, which will certainly improve the overall appearance of your car.

If you really want the maximum ‘wow’ factor you must step up to this MACnificent package! Not only do you get everything described in the ‘Executive Detail’ package, but you’ll also get all of the following additional steps: The engine will be washed/de-greased and then dressed. The paint will be properly cleaned and clay barred to remove surface contaminants that simply can’t be removed by simple washing alone. This will leave the surface perfectly smooth to the touch and ready to be polished to a high-gloss shine. The last step is a coat of the finest wax to enhance gloss and provide added protection from the elements. Wax can last up to 6 months providing the car is properly washed and maintained. This is the best package yet…the ‘real deal’ or ‘MAC-Daddy’ if you will, that guarantees your car will stand out from all the rest.

This service is not designed for paint correction

Don’t want all of the details listed above? No problem…with the ‘Exterior Only’ package you’ll get the exterior hand washed and dried. All painted surfaces will be clay barred. Wheels and wheel wells will be cleaned and pressure washed. All glass will be cleaned. All exterior trim and tires will be cleaned and dressed.  Lastly, the exterior will be polished prior to waxing.

Paint correction is done at a hourly rate and quoted only upon inspection.

With the ‘Interior Only’ package all carpets and upholstery will be vacuumed and shampooed. All leather cleaned and conditioned. And lastly, all vinyl and plastic trim will be cleaned and conditioned.

Below is a brief explanation of the processes we use and how they benefit your automobile…

Removes minor paint defects and particles caused by industrial fallout, such as smog, acid rain, and iron particles.

Removes oxidation, haze, fine scratches,  fine swirls marks, bird droppings, water stains and eliminates water spotting. Also, used to restore shine after buffing/compounding.

Similar to polish but slightly more aggressive, it removes fine scratches, swirl marks, water spots, and spider webbing.

Paint correction is done at a hourly rate and quoted only upon inspection.

This product is used after polishing to ensure Extra shine; Extra protection and Extra long-lasting beauty for your vehicles.

Applied post-polish which produces a shine that is more than just bright. It creates a liquid and 3-dimensional appearance on the paint.

We also do piece work i.e. just carpets cleaned and shampooed or paint polished and waxed!

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