What is a ceramic coating and why do I want it?

A ceramic coating is exactly what it sounds like…a clear ceramic coating that provides a long-lasting layer of protection from bird droppings, acidic substances, etc. It protects and preserves your cars factory clear coat finish and won’t erode or wash off quickly like some “waxes” do. It offers a far better, longer lasting, layer of protection against mother nature and the environmental abuse your cars finish is subjected to daily. We also have graphene available.

This coating is harder than a factory clear coat so it reduces swirl marks and scratches which allows the paint to look shinier and brighter. It also makes your cars surface easier to clean when it comes to routine washes.

A vehicle is one of your biggest investments, so proper care is key to maintaining that expensive purchase. A ceramic coating preserves your vehicles finish making it look its best for years to come.

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